New GoCab P50 Flat Rate – P6 Per Kilometer: Lowest Delivery Rate in the Metro

Satisfying people’s needs for a reliable and dependable parcel delivery service, GoCab provides Filipinos with a fast and affordable alternative for their shipping needs – offering shippers a low P50 flat rate for any item or cargo that they want to be sent out. And with only a P6 charge per kilometer, the brand is giving people the ability to move goods effectively and at the same time, give more value for their hard-earned money.

From a simple touch of a button from the GoCab App, users subscribed to the mobile service can enjoy prompt and timely delivery of their daily essentials, helping them find comfort – especially during these trying times in the middle of the pandemic. With people limited in moving around outdoors, GoCab comes in handy by allowing people to connect to each other remotely through the service.

, GoCab

No matter how big or how small, Filipinos will be at ease in maximizing GoCab’s P50 flat rate. And when it comes to sending something out at any point of the metropolis, the company’s P6 charge per kilometer will definitely give smiles – no matter how far they are apart from each other.

This is how GoCab is doing its part in helping Filipinos deal with the new normal, a faster and easier way to connect with each other. All they have to do is take the initial step. And they can make that first big step by downloading the GoCab Shippers App.

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