Ship Anything Under The Sun Through GoCab with a 40% Discount

Ship Anything Under The Sun Through GoCab with a 40% Discount​


In case you haven’t noticed, the sun’s been out longer than usual lately – with the weather getting warmer, and the days we’ve been waking up to everyday glowing brighter.

The summer season is already in full swing and, whether we are still working from home in self quarantine or already getting back to the usual daily grind that we are accustomed to before the pandemic hit, adjusting to the hotter days of the summer should be one of the things that we should consider in order for us to maintain a positive disposition even during the most challenging of days.

And if we are to consider anything this summer, GoCab – with the 40% discount that it’s ready to offer to its new members on their very first transaction, is more than just a viable option, as the parcel delivery brand makes it easier for shippers to give the GoCab App a try by sweetening up the first shipment they make as a new customer.

All they have to do is download the GoCab App from the App Store or Google Play and make their initial transaction using the promo code #gocab4ever to avail of the 40% discount. And if that’s not enough, GoCab is also giving its customers with a P50 flat rate on every shipment, making it hassle-free for them to ship anything and everything under the sun.

From a bottle of sunblock to a nice pair of sunglasses, anyone would have whatever it is they need this summer season through GoCab’s parcel delivery service.

And while the pandemic may have isolated most of us from the circle of friends we used to have summer trips with, we get to have the chance to reconnect with them through GoCab’s easy-to-use mobile app that empowers us to keep having those summer adventures with our friends by making sure that they have their summer essentials ready through GoCab.

With a simple touch of a button, coupled with only a P6 per km charge that makes every transaction made on the GoCab app a cost-effective way to send out one’s parcel, friends can keep going for their #squadgoals this summer once they decide to jump in on the train that would have everyone echoing #gocab4ever.

It’s one of the safest ways to be with the people we care about while being miles away. From letting her frolic under the shade of your care by sending her a handy umbrella for the hotter days of summer, to letting him have the joy of having you on his head through a baseball cap you can send to him whenever these summer days glow the brightest, GoCab can definitely keep everyone together throughout the summer season.

Give it a try, download the GoCab app today, and let the fun of the summer season flow through the summer essentials that we can send out this year.

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